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Samuel L. Jackson Isn’t As Cool As Everyone Thinks

samuel l jackson

Samuel L. Jackson is a pretty cool dude, right? Really chill, down-to-earth, talented and pretty funny? All of those things may well be true, but don’t tell him that – he doesn’t think he’s as cool as everyone makes out. He’s just a regular person, after all.

From Esquire (via DS):

“Everybody equates the characters that I play on screen to me; the characters are cool so therefore I’m cool.”

“I don’t treat myself like I’m special. But there’s a whole new phenomenon with fame now that, I guess, if I was a younger person, maybe I’d get caught up in it.”

Well, that’s good to hear. The last thing Hollywood needs is another actor who’s up his own ass. To be honest, I don’t know much about Sam other than that Snakes On a Plane was a fantastic movie and I always wanted to see Long Snake Moan because it looked insane and obviously I’ve heard him reading Go The Fuck To Sleep. That’s good enough for me!