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Hold Onto Your Butts: Samuel L. Jackson Has Joined Twitter

The afternoon before last, my boyfriend Derek suddenly jumped away from his computer, whooping and yelling.

“What is going on?” I asked him.

“SAMUEL L. JACKSON HAS JOINED TWITTER. AND HE’S VERIFIED,” Derek replied, visibly trembling—whether with thrill or anxiety, I have no idea. Apparently, Jimmy Fallon had just tweeted this information, it had popped up on Derek’s TweetDeck, and now Derek was having a four-alarm celebration/panic attack.

Then he noted aloud that Jackson’s first three tweets were sent from backstage at Late Night.

Well! Turns out that Samuel L. Jackson went on to make the announcement—and his “inaugural” tweet (his fourth, really)—on national television. And I have to admit, this is a very auspicious beginning:

Photo: Samuel L. Jackson's inaugural (well, fourth) tweet