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LeAnn Rimes Is Going To Wear Lingerie In ‘Anger Management’

leann rimes

In case you missed it, LeAnn Rimes is going to be on Anger Management playing a love interest for Charlie Sheen, following in the illustrious footsteps of such great, respectable actresses as… Lindsay Lohan. Can’t wait for that! (Why is this piece of shit show still on the air?) In any case, not content to torture our eyeballs just when the episode airs, she’s taken to Twitter to post a photo of herself in lingerie ahead of her appearance. KILL ME NOW.

Here’s the tweet that accompanied the photo, as well her follow-ups throughout the day:

Well, glad to see she’s got a bit more body confidence now, at least. Tune in July 11, if you actually dare.

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  • Leann being in lingerie, isn’t the scary part. This is why Leann really wants to be on Anger Managment and has been tweeting about Charlie:

    On May 30 Denise Richards(Charlie’s ex-wife) tweeted this to Brandi: “@BrandiGlanville saw u at school last week…even more Gorg in person & you look 12”

    You know Leann. Whatever Brandi does she has to do “better”. Why have Denise Richards tweet tell her that she is “gorg” when she can do even “better” by having Denise’s ex husband tell her she is “gorg”(even if it is just a script). During the promotions for her album in June, she annouces that she is going to be on Anger Management with Charlie and how nice they were her. Then a week or 2 later, Selma Blair gets fired.