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LeAnn Rimes Swears She Never Had An Eating Disorder

leann rimes

LeAnn Rimes, one half of America’s #4 most hated couple, went to rehab last year, as you probably remember. Everyone sorta figured at the time that it was because she had an eating disorder since she had pretty much gone down to skin and bones, but she swore it was for “emotional issues” or something of the sort, if I remember right.

Anyway, since she’s running out of steam (for now) on the Brandi Glanville post-affair drama, she’s switched to talking about her time in rehab and she wants everyone to know (again): she never had an eating disorder! Yeah, okay.

From The Wendy Williams Show:

“I can honestly say, 100%, I’ve never had a problem with eating. Trust me.”

She added: “It was just stress, I mean I was really going through anxiety and stress and depression. That’s what I was going through. It was just my body’s way of dealing with it.”

Well, yeah, but anxiety and stress and depression can trigger an eating disorder. Not that I’m in a place to medically diagnose someone I’ve never met with something so serious, but that shit looked dangerous, not simply a little “I’m too busy to remember to eat lunch” problem.

Anyhoo, here’s hoping she go her shit together – she looks a lot better these days. You can watch her interview below if you feel like it.

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  • Can’t stand her. Never could. Drives me insane.
    Surprises me when someone speaks so candidly of an affair. Have dignity. Have respect. Respect your spouse. Leave them, dont publicly cheat on them and then for years talk about it.