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P-Diddy Remains Down-to-Earth, Doesn’t Even Like Caviar

p diddy

P Diddy needs to stop. With everything. With changing his name, with that hair that still seems oddly like a jerry curl even though his head is actually shaved, with the amount of absolute shit that comes out of his mouth… We’re here to talk about the latter today, folks, and it’s all because Diddy keeps insisting he lives a “normal” life despite being a bajillioniare. He’s worth $550 million, by the way. Yup – seems normal to me!

From Los Angeles Confidential (via DS):

“I like nice things, but life’s pretty normal around here. People think, ‘Oh, Diddy’s probably running around his mansion spooning caviar into his mouth’; I don’t even like caviar!”

The 43-year-old – who has two sons and three daughters by three different women – admitted that he does like to spend money on his children but said that their mothers keep him in check.

“A lot of people say yes to me, I admit that. But I’m blessed by how much the mothers of my children love to tell me the truth. They don’t let me get away with anything!” he said. “I don’t make apologies for what I have. Especially in these economic times, it’s an achievement to have financial success.”If part of that is to spoil your kids, to give them things, it’s okay, as long as they appreciate what they have.”

Okay, I can’t with so much of this.  I love that he basically will ruin his kids and leave “the mothers” to deal with it. Sounds awesome. I also love that he keeps pointing to his financial success during a recession when the majority of his money was made in the Clinton era when most of us were having “financial success”. I mean, good for him and all because he hasn’t LOST it all since the economy went down the drain, and he’s obviously been a shrewd businessman to even amass that fortune, so there’s no shade there.
Honestly, I just can’t believe he doesn’t like caviar. I thought that was a requirement of the Rich People’s Club?

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  • shut the fuck up jennifer. what’s so abnormal about being rich? you just come off as a bitter, jealous asshole. no wonder this is the only “profession” you can find, all you can do it complain about people. UGH “I can’t” with this bitch.

  • He probably doesn’t like caviar because black-diddy/daddy whatever he calls his ugly ass these days, is “new” money, born and raised on fried chicken and watermelon, duh. I’m not a multi-millionaire, but I am certainly not jealous and don’t have a problem in the “wealth” department, for all of the people about to tell me I am envious. Sure, I’d like to have even more, but not at that price. The price being someone who is filthy rich for no good reason (talent? no way. Looks? Hell no. Intelligence? Just enough to know the right people to hire who advise him in his affairs and basically do everything for him. He picks out colors, scents and beats, LOL) and treats people like dirt to get where he is.

    He thinks he’s so talented and smart, but he really just got lucky. People in this country have proven that it doesn’t take much to make it big (Kartrashcans, Hilton) you just have to make it so far and the rest rides on popularity in the press. Yea, he got halfway there selling music but that shit sucks so bad and is easily sold to the sheep of America. The repetitiveness and unintelligent essense of “pop rap” or whatever you want to call rap that kids listen to and makes it onto the radio, is easily made by producers and song wroters who are NOT him. He got lucky. Knew the right people, whatever. The rest is Karstrashian easy.

    People can see right through him and that doesn’t make us “jealous” or “bitter”, that makes us normal and aware. I don’t know one single normal person who finds this guy talented or takes him seriously. I’m assuming those who do take him serious are either colored folks who think gold rims and wearing white to funerals is “fresh”, and completely brain dead followers who can’t think on their own anyway. This guy suffers from the worst case of self importance rivaling only Kartrashcan Kim and her equally brain dead partner.