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Johnny Depp Is Nearly Completely Blind In One Eye

johnny depp

Hey, did you know Johnny Depp is nearly completely blind in one eye? Me neither! He’s apparently super near-sighted in his right eye and his left is blurry as hell and he can’t see shit out of it, forcing him to rely on some heavy duty prescription glasses. Intense!

From Rolling Stone:

His glasses are prescription, and he needs them badly, though they don’t do anything for his left eye. Since birth, he’s been “basically blind as a bat” in that one, in a way that’s impossible to correct. “Everything is just very, very blurry,” he says. “I’ve never had proper vision.” The right eye is simply nearsighted (and lately, far-sighted). So whenever he’s acting – unless he’s lucky enough to be in a scene where his character wears sunglasses – Depp can see only a few inches away from his face.

Huh, go figure. Never knew that about him. Didn’t particularly need to know it, but then, that’s the world of celebrity for you. Sit back and enjoy your new-found knowledge.