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Simon Cowell Has a Private Jet to Smoke In

simon cowell dannii minogue

Smoking is illegal in airplanes, but Simon Cowell‘s both not into playing by the rules and really addicted to smoking, which is why he has his own private jet, because they let him puff away. This news comes courtesy of Dannii Minogue, the low-rent sister of Kylie Minogue (love you, Dannii) who is still talking about Simon even though they haven’t worked directly together since The X Factor a few years ago (but they DID get it on back in the day!). Damn, seems everyone wants to air him out these days.

From The Sun:

Dannii is now working for Cowell again on the Australian version of The X Factor — with Ronan Keating as a fellow judge.

But she said she has no fear of ever seeing the music mogul Down Under as he refuses to fly that far.

In a tell-all chat with The Sun, she said: “I don’t think he knows where Australia is.

“He has that whole thing where he hates flying — and there’s the smoking thing. That’s why he has to go on a private jet, so he can smoke.

“He’s like, ‘I can’t get a private jet to Australia but I can’t do the no-smoking thing either’. ”

Sounds like someone is wanting a reunion! I guess Simon does have that je-ne-sais-quoi for a lot of ladies (I’m not included in that bracket), so it’s whatever. That’s some serious lengths to go to for your addiction, though!