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James Gandolfini Fans Visit The Diner Where The Sopranos Series Finale Was Shot

tony soprano table diner

James Gandolfini died unexpectedly yesterday. Fans of the actor and of The Sopranos flooded the Internet with their good thoughts and praises for the man. I think a lot of us were also just plain shocked.

Everyone remembers the legendary last scene of the Sopranos series finale that took place in a diner, the family gathering at a table near the door, with Journey playing on the jukebox. Turns out, it’s an actual diner. Holsten’s diner in Bloomfield, N.J.. It wasn’t a set. And last night it’s where fans gathered. From E Online:

“People are just here reminiscing,” Holsten’s co-owner Chris Carley exclusively told E! News, noting that easily 400 to 500 people had filed in since hearing of Gandolfini’s passing. “They are here to pay their respects.”

As of about 7 p.m. local time, Carley said, the place was “packed” with customers talking about the Jersey-born actor.

They closed off the booth where Tony Soprano and his family sat in that controversial final scene, marking the empty table with a “reserved” sign as music from the show played in the background.

I’m not going to lie…I was craving Italian food last night. So I got some. It was delicious.

sopranos series finale last scene