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Russell Brand Had Nine Orgasms In One Night

russell brand

Alright already, we get it: Russell Brand loves sex and he’s (by his own description) quite good at it. He loves it so much that he prefers having it with many different women rather than being married to one – and if his story about having nine orgasms in one night is actually true, I suppose we have to try and understand his logic.

From Huffington Post Live:

“Once in Dublin, [I had] nine. And it wasn’t even in a day, it was an evening. It was crazy there. What a mental night it was. I felt exhausted the next day.

“After I came off drugs, I had a lot of energy that needed to go somewhere, and I thought… that way. I think that if you’re having sex with someone, and you’re a man, that person’s got to have an orgasm first, haven’t they? Otherwise you’ve not done your job as a man… You’ve got to make sure that everyone is happy.

“I probably in the past have been guilty of thinking about sex too much, but, God, when you see a beautiful woman, doesn’t it disrupt everything? It disrupts everything! I can’t focus!”

Well, I suppose kudos to Russell for placing importance on the lady’s satisfaction – what a stand-up guy! I do think it’s hilarious how absolutely ruled by sex he seems to be (as many man do – uh oh, feminazi on the loose! LOL), but then, that’s just biology, I suppose.

You can watch Russell’s full interview below:

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