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Hey, Remember Ashanti? She Thinks Halle Berry and Jennifer Lopez Are Hot!


Ashanti hasn’t been relevant since about 2007 or so, but if there’s one way to get yourself some press, it’s by talking about people who ARE still in the spotlight and hopefully piggyback off that for a while. There’s no specific formula to this – it doesn’t matter if you’re not expressing a new idea at all. Just make some kinda statement that’s totally obvious – like that Halle Berry is hot, say  – and you’re in there!

From Life & Style:

I’d love to raid the closet of…
Jennifer Lopez — she’s got swag!

A star whose look I love is…
Halle Berry. Her style is so effortless.

I know some haters are going to come in the comments and be like, “UH, she’s on Army Wives!” to which I say, “UH, who cares?” LOL, I kid. In any case, Ashanti is a truth speaker. J.Lo has indeed got swag and Halle Berry is effortless. The end.

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