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Old School Gossip: Marilyn Monroe Murder Rumors Return!

marilyn monroe in 1950 by edward clark

Marilyn Monroe‘s death has been long disputed — was it suicide, accidental, or murder? It’s been a few years now, so new “evidence” of Ms. Monroe’s “murder” was bound to surface, because people will never tire of Monroe gossip, or of making money off her in some way. And now we have some “secret tapes” that just resurfaced, with the source claiming, “I listened to Marilyn Monroe die.”

I’ve changed my mind over the years, going back and forth from thinking suicide to accident, and then briefly thinking murder because if she swallowed so many pills, how come there wasn’t a glass of water in the room? But that’s a long debate in and of itself, the infamous water glass. (And by the way, if you’re interested in this entire story, you should read The Empty Glass by J.I. Baker.) It’s like her version of Kennedy’s “magic bullet”. And speaking of the Kennedys…

One of the persistent theories/rumors/stories is that the Kennedys were responsible for Marilyn Monroe’s death, because out of everything they had going on at the time, a movie star was definitely the most important thing and at the top of their list to deal with. Apparently, these recently uncovered tapes are recordings of her being murdered, and by Bobby Kennedy. Detective Fred Otash (now deceased) allegedly bugged her home, and his daughter Colleen says she found these tapes and listened to them. From The Daily Mail via MSN:

Colleen uncovered a stash of tapes in a suburban storage unit owned by her father. There, in his notes, Colleen said her father wrote “I listened to Marilyn Monroe die.”

Otash’s notes claim that on that same day, he heard Monroe screaming while having a violent argument with the Kennedys (The Daily Mail does not state which Kennedys, but it is implied that it was John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy). “She’s in the bedroom and Bobby gets the pillow and he muffles her on the bed to keep the neighbors from hearing. She finally quieted down and then he was looking to get out of there,” the Mail reports Otash as writing.

So yeah, this basically proves nothing and may not even be real, but who doesn’t love a good old school Hollywood mystery? I’m sure next we’ll find tapes of Natalie Wood drowning, with Christopher Walken in the background saying, “Help…someone…someone help the poor girl. I–I am not. Very good…at swimming, I can’t…the swimming, it’s not…it’s not what I. What I do. Is anyone. Out? There?”

Do YOU think Marilyn Monroe was murdered?

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  • Well, i can see why people want to murder her–Nobody cares. She was a dirty street scum prostitute for Hollywood…Its happened to other celebrities that join satan cults like Illuminati Bi gay tramps & divas and negro’s and it will happen to lots more. She also slept with Kennedy’s (both of them married) Maybe Kennedy did it too or Illuminati or other 200 lovers she had.Nobody cares about a washed up junkie prostitute Celebrity who thinks they can do what they please. They will be more of them happen like this and always have been since 1920’s and the 1950’s too. They should clean up Hollywood from drugs, girls wearing makeup & tramping sex all over, Homosexuals, snobby rich and negro pimps & drug peddler rappers.They got big mansions why don’t we rob them(lifestyles of the rich& famous) They don’t care about one common person on earth and they are excessively greedy& moan about paparrazi’s got them(busted them in the act)

    • This pseudo BI-GAY StevsKY needs some KY to take up his pooper scooper. He’s a racist pseudo jacka** conspiracy nut. No one will ever care if he takes a sh*t one day. The Illuminati is from a Hollywood Movie and not real and all your homophobic remarks shows you have a penchant fro being a homo tramp. Yes, Marily was assassinated but her death was faked and she’s still alive! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

  • Good Riddance to a sucky tramp who could not act anyway!They fired her for being hateful ,greedy and on drugs all the time and her sex scandals on that last film. She pined for Kennedy but he and brother called her a “trashy tramp” and washed their lives of her and threaten her to keep shut about it. She threaten to go public by books wanting “JACK JACK” she lay in bed and would not shower for weeks& starved taking drugs and drinking and became hateful, bi’tchy to her show screening- they fired her sorry trailor park tail.

  • @steveky,…remember dat ur nt a saint,let he wu is witout sin b d 1st 2 cast d stone n im sure u wont b castin stone so shut d fuck up…….yes i think monroe was mudered by 1 of dose kenedys

  • Fascinating stuff. Absolutely someone off’ed her. There are a few YouTube videos out there that really peaked my interest… Note to self: don’t fuck powerful people and then write about it in a diary…

  • how could u not get the whole thing because your not very bright if ya understand that do ya or do ya not either way your an idiet reply back if u understandddd !!!!!!!!!!

  • She was certainly murdered, either by, or for the Kennedy’s. JFK’s affairs were/are well known. Also Marilyn was no dumb blonde, neither was she a wonton slut. She was of Mensa quality intelligence. JFK was the ‘slut’, if that word is to be used at all.

  • Yes. I heard the same story. A Bernie Spindell(?) was involved the bugging at Marilyn’s request. She was afraid. bobby Kennedy smothered her with a pillow. It may have been accidental, but purposeful tomquite down an agitated Monroe. Bernie was later arrested in NY for bugging involving Huntington Hartford and prosecuted by Kennedy machine prosecutor, Paul Hogan. Bernie was denied heart medication and died in prison. A tape was listened to and disappeared. Interesting story.

  • DUELLES is correct. That reply was the most educated and truthful response. she was killed by the kennedys and they covered their tracks. hats why THEY died the way they did. Karma is a bitch….

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