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Alec Baldwin Calls Ex Wife Kim Basinger “One Of The Most Beautiful Women That Ever Lived”

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Alec Baldwin managed not to call his ex wife something mean or call his daughter a pig, so of course it made news. Of ex wife and Oscar winner Kim Basinger, Mr. Baldwin is singing her praises — at least when it comes to her aesthetic beauty. I’m sure his current wife, Hilaria Baldwin, the one who isn’t “one of the most beautiful women that ever lived” is thrilled. From The NY Daily News:

Kim is one of the most beautiful women that ever lived and even [our daughter] Ireland sees that […] and even divorce doesn’t muddy my view of that.

Wow! Good for you, Alec Baldwin! Those Capital One commercials have really softened you. I know, I know, he’s apologized and he’s really funny on 30 Rock and SNL and blah blah but let’s take this Saturday to remind ourselves of the golden days, when he left his voicemail on his daughter’s answering machine:

You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being — I don’t give a damn that you’re 12 years old or 11 years old or that you’re a child or that your mother [Kim Basinger] is thoughtless pain in the ass … I’m gonna let you know just how I feel about what a rude little pig you are. You are a rude, thoughtless little pig.

Please enjoy these photos of “one of the most beautiful women that ever lived.”

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  • The voicemail is a little harsh, yes, but maybe there was a good reason he said it. Kids can be selfish, rude little shits. Yes, he could have handled it better, but you can’t be a pushover and let your kids walk all over you all the time either.

  • she really is! hotty hot hotness all her life. as a child, she was made fun of for having big lips, can you believe that?…! speaking of kids being lame.
    and i forgive alec for his assholeness. long ago i heard (or was it read?) him address that voicemail and he fessed up to being a dick + trying to better control that temper. so gold star for yoooou, baldwin!
    MAN, he was dreamy back in the beetlejuice days…i hope these 2 made a sex tape or 10…

  • The voicemail is pretty old now and it must bring back bad memories for both father and daughter so the point of reprinting it again would be? I would hope both of them learned whatever they were going to learn from the experience and have moved on like everyone should who keeps bringing up that voicemail. Retire it like everyone should who keeps bringing up Aniston when they do a story on Pitt and Jolie, somethings are just getting old and it’s time to move on.

  • He’s been known as a hot head for a long time. I’m not excusing his behavior, but it’s obviously something he’s had to deal with and control for a long time. Every once in a while parents/people say and do things they regret. I’m sure he feels/felt like a total asshole for what he said.

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  • knowing what i know now about the daughter…at least from the media’s standpoint. i have a feeling Alec’s rant toward her was more on the “justified” side than the abusive one. she’s become an “ETE” Elite Teenaged Entitled. like the Kardashians and Paulina Gretzky(although she is older now but still horrid) these kids who do NOTHING but spend their parents money, party and post sexy selfies (*gurge*) on twitter and instagram…gross.

  • Kim is/was beyond hot/sexy Alec was a hotheaded asshole. Still is but he sees what everyone else sees when it comes to Kim.

  • Kim Basinger was the most gorgeous, most beautiful woman in the world. Alec, her ex was very handsome. They made a very handsome Hollywood couple. But Kim Basinger, well, thoughts of her in the movie 9 1/2 Weeks, she was incredibly sensuous and hot. No one comes close to her beauty, not even her daughter.

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