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Which Actor Has A “Secret Baby”?

dinosaur baby

There’s a blind item going around from Allie Is Wired that an actor in a big film franchise has a “secret baby”. Secret Baby is a great name for a band. Let’s take a look:

Which actor in a big film franchise is battling baby daddy problems? She was happy to keep her pregnancy and his identity a secret for a few years, but now she wants him to be a part of the kid’s life. Things aren’t going well. He wants to maintain their current arrangement where she gets to dip into his bank vault and he gets to be single and free.

A lot of people are guessing January Jones on this one, but I don’t think it’s her because

1. The item doesn’t suggest that the mom is famous.

2. January Jones has made it very clear lately that she is not going to reveal the identity of her son’s dad.

3. Jason Sudeikis was not in a big film franchise and he is obviously the father of her kid.

So what are some big film franchises? Avengers, Batman, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Iron Man…it’s probably some random supporting character from a huge film, since the item doesn’t say that the actor is big, just the film. So I’m going to guess Terrence “Baby Wipes” Howard.

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  • I think the use of the word vault is interesting and made me think of Harry Potter. The goblin bank or whatever. Any single lotharios in the cast?

    • The word “vault” made me think of the word “bank,” which happens to be right next to it because all banks have vaults.