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HAHAHAHA: Brandi Glanville’s Writing A Relationship Guide Book

brandi glanville

Brandi Glanville has already “written” one book, and now she’s got a deal to pen another one – this one, a relationship guide. Because if there’s one person you want to take love advice from, it’s the woman who spent $10,000 of her cheating ex-husband‘s money to redo her vagina and now gets in constant Twitter fights with the woman he ran off with. What a recipe for success!

From US Weekly:

“I am really excited,” she gushed to Us Weekly in an exclusive interview about the new nonfiction tome, explaining that she started negotiations after her first book became so successful. “It should be out by January or February of next year.”

“It was hard [to narrow down the focus], because I feel like there is so much going on in my life,” she said. “It is more of a ‘moving on’ kind of guide, and just a relationship guide — like my relationship with my parents, my relationship when I am dating and living in Los Angeles

“I just want people to relate to me wherever they are,” she told Us. “It’s just [about] going through a breakup and getting to that point where you are ready to move on, and then [about] how all your relationships change after that.”

Fret not, though — Glanville plans to add her own unique spin on everything. “There is a sex chapter, of course. There has to be!” she said, laughing.

“Like my first book, there won’t be any filters. I’m calling it as I see it and not holding anything back, even when I probably should,” she added in a press release about the project. “This second book will be filled with lots of drama, blunders, sordid details, and, of course, hashtags. I’m a bit wiser after having written my first book, but the craziness continues with co-parenting nightmares, exes, boyfriends, parties, sex, drinking, tweeting and everything else that makes my life such an adventure.”

Well, that sounds like something I definitely won’t be buying, but good for her, I guess?

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  • i didn’t read a word of that! no offense. THIS JUST IN: i bought a t-shirt from Angelyne on the goddamn shit suckin’ streets of hollywood! out of the trunk of her pink corvette mind you. we stood face to face & it was EXCELLENT. her fake tatas looked rock solid & veiny *sad*face* … she was real nice, but out of it. pills me thinks… PNPP hollyweird tattletale over & out!