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Courtney Love Sticks Up For LeAnn Rimes, Will Beat Brandi Glanville’s Ass If Need Be

leann rimes courtney love

In what may be the strangest Twitter exchange in ages, Courtney Love has risen from her drug tomb to stick up for LeAnn Rimes after she got into another spat with Brandi Glanville. Here’s how it went down, Brandi complained via a tweet that she couldn’t get a hold of her kids, so LeAnn responded with some hippie bullshit and then Courtney piped up out of nowhere offering to whoop somebody’s ass if they didn’t leave her alone. Oh, and Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 got in on the action. Yeah, I don’t know, either.

First of all, props to LeAnn for using a spat with Brandi to promote new music… which will invariably suck, but can’t knock the hustle. Second of all, da fuck, Rob Thomas? Where the hell did you even come from? What are you doing, man? Third of all, Courtney Love is a queen and was probably high off her ass writing this, but I love her anyway. The end.

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  • Wow, I think that is the most drastic change Courtney Love’s face has undergone. This is the first time that I could not recognize her.

    • Okay, I just looked at a couple of pictures of Courtney Love from this month and last month. I don’t know who that is up there, but it doesn’t seem to be Courtney Love.

    • This really is Courtney Love. That photo was taken at the Givenchy honors Artist Marina Abramovic dinner in New York, in June 2010. :)

  • I was thinking the same thing – I think that photo – from the haircut alone — screams 1980s.

      • @CHAZ

        The 50 yo man who takes pleasure in dirty tampons is back. Why are Leann’s fans so obsessed with dirty tampons. I heard that on your Amejean twitter account, you talked a lot about dirty tampons too.

        Don’t you mean that Leann Rimes trasposed the name, we all know that you come here at her request. So what did she give you this time?

      • @CHAZ

        Of course you never left, you are 50 year old man who lives in his mother’s basement, where else would you go when you can’t spend your days stalking the women in the neighborhood? HAG? Well at least you are writing the same posts here that you wrote all over Eonline. Why do you hate women Amejean?

    • No Chaz, I think you are onto something here. Guest is Courtney Love! It all makes sense now.

      • @bonnakins

        Hi CHAZ!!!!!! You are still drinking aren’t you? That would explain everything. Even Eddie has to get drunk to tolerate Leann Rimes.

        I think “CHAZ(aka Leann’s buddy Anthony) is onto something here. Leann Rimes is Courtney Love! It all makes sense now.

    • Hi Anthony, you are back just like your pupper master Leann told you. So I heard she is supporting your company! That would explain everything…

      • God, someone smuggled another phone to the resident nutbar! Will you ever get over the fact that Leann has spurned all of your clumsy advances? Unrequited love, the aftermath…

      • @Chaz

        I see that Leann Rimes is tweeting to you today!!!! Go Amejean.

        God, someone smuggled another phone to the resident nutbar CHAZ! Will he ever get over the fact that Leann has spurned all of his clumsy advances? Unrequited love, the aftermath…someone said you write the same thing on Eonline too! CHAZ is the Brandi hater who sites on Eonline making hate posts about Brandi!

      • Lmao…… Twitter, as if! At this moment Im sitting at the 4th turn, watching the Indy 500, GO HELIO!

      • @CHAZ

        You post on this site, if you are here making posts about dirty tampons, then we know you are on twitter too. It doesn’t help when you post the same things here that we all saw you make on twitter. “HAG”. That’s your favorite thing to call Brandi’s fans.

        No, at this moment you are sitting here posting on EB, but before that you were tweeting to Leann about your dog.

        Go CHAZ!!!! So your mother let you use Leann’s money to put a TV in your basement?

      • Still on the 4th turn idgit, watching the race in person, you know….outside? btw, I no longer have a dog, she was put down on Thanksgiving Day

      • @CHAZ

        Since you are still making posts, even though you are outside at the race, that makes you the idgit. Seriously, race vs Leann’s bidding. You are doing Leann’s bidding. We get it, Leann tweets to you today and you just can’t keep that all in!

        You also said that you never asked for a photo of a dirty tampon and that you weren’t going to Celebrity Bitchy. You aren’t an honest person. Which is why you will show up and make more posts name calling because you are 50 year old man who takes pleasure in that Leann buys him gifts.

  • whoever “did” the job on Courtney should advertise on a Sunset Boulevard, because that’s the best nip and tuck I’ve seen in a long while!

  • This is so funny, CHAZ is having a field day here because Leann tweeted to him today!!!! So how many name calling posts will he make today?

      • @CHAZ

        Leann tweeted to you today and you are on a roll!

        What’s really funny is that you actually listen to, and heed the voices in your head….no I take that back. what’s really funny is that you are 50 year old man posting on these sites. I hope you don’t go out into your neighborhood anytime soon. Those poor women.

  • Courtney needs to sit the eff down. Anyone who calls Leann her girl is lame. And honestly, I see Brandi giving her a serious beatdown. She would be too cracked up to even know where to begin.

  • The only way Courtney love would win in a fight is if she running towards you with a used hypodermic needle she just pulled out her arm.

  • Wow, Leann , way to call in back-up…I guess skinny used-up skanks really do hang out together. What’s disturbing is that Brandi’s sons are sometimes at your home to visit Eddie . What Brandi should do us amend the custody arrangement stating that her children shall never come into contact with Courtney and her wicked uncensored train wreck of a life while the children are on visitation.

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