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Kanye West Thinks Marrying Kim Kardashian Would Damage His Finances


Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are having a baby together in a few short months, so one would assume that they plan to be together for a long time. Couples don’t have to get married to be committed (holler and let your love RIP, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins), but many choose to walk down the aisle as a show of their everlasting love… or at least for the tax benefits. Turns out, Kanye’s probably dodging poor Kimmycakes because he’s got no intention of exchanging vows since it would be bad for his checkbook. LOL, work that one out.

From Star (via DS):

“Kanye has real money. He won’t marry Kim because it would hurt his finances.

“Kim is a shopaholic! She spends $350,000 a month on her credit cards.

“She pays hundreds of thousands of dollars for designers to custom-make clothes for her, and she spent millions on Louis Vuitton handbags to match each outfit.”

Uh, $350,000 a month? Are you shitting me? I don’t think I could even find $350,000 worth of shit to buy in a year, let alone a month. Then again, I guess even the entire Primark summer collection wouldn’t add up to half that, so maybe we’re on different scales, here.

I think the real reason Kanye won’t marry Kim is because, duh, he doesn’t want to be with her. It’s clear he’s having major regrets about having dipped his pen into that ink, if you feel me, and he’s not trying to put a ring on it. He never was. There’s no way in hell this baby thing was planned, AT ALL, and something tells me it wasn’t a welcome surprise.

Also, here’s a present for getting through this article, but you’ll have to go behind the cut as it’s a little… disturbing.

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Told you!

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  • And here I thought Kanye was stupid. “Damage his finances?!” My God, he’s pjrobably going to be paying out more child support than the national debt of some small country and if he married that slimebag?! Since Johnny Depp is into hiring the homeless, he could give Kanye a break in the next couple of years, if that long!

  • Thank God, Mr. Kanye West is Smart enough to know Not to Marry Kim Kardashian in order to Protect his “Millions”. We knew he was always smart and brilliant with his Music and we always knew that his Beloved Mother Dr. Donda West did of course Teach her Son,, KANYE WEST to have Good Sense and of course make Wise decisions and Kanye West “92” year old Grandfather William West has always Told Kanye West “Not” to ger Too close to People; especially People like the KARDASHIANS. They are Just Double -Trouble and Reports and Sources are now saying that Kim Kardashian and her Family are Going “Broke” and that they Owe the “IRS” Millions in Unpaid taxes and that they are Now being Threatened by the IRS. So, therefore, it is a GOOD thing Mr. Kanye West has finally awaken and saw the LIGHT Not to Marry his baby Mother Kim Kardashian. Good for him for being Smart to Protect his Millions.

    • Oh how sweet that would be if the K Klan were broke and in up to there eytes in debt to the IRS. There’s nothin better than when a family walks around spending and flaunting the wealth and end up in the poor house. Ithink Kanye said it best … I aint sayin she’s a gold digger but she aint messin with no broke n…………. !!!!

  • He’s gonna end up paying that much every month on that kid if Kim has any say ! He can’t afford the kid and her ! So I guess she will just have to be the baby momma !

  • This bitch is ridiculous i mean $350 k a month? WTF id be happy if i had that in a lifetime.