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Join The Club: Taylor Swift Really Hates Justin Bieber

taylor swift selena gomez

I mean, who could blame her? A lot of people hate Taylor Swift, too, I know, but she’s far less reprehensible than that shirtless pseudo-thug baby. Anyhoo, y’all know by now that Taylor and Selena Gomez are BFFs, which kinda creates a problem since she may or may not be back with Bieber. What we do know is that they shared a little cheek kiss at the Billboard Music Awards and Taylor’s reaction to that is classic:

taylor swift

She was even asked by reporters backstage what she thought of that award Bieber got (and got booed for getting) and she just asked for the next question. Love that shade. But there’s more!

From Access Hollywood (via US Weekly):

Asked by Access Hollywood after the awards show what she and Gomez, 20 were whispering to each other while Bieber, 19 accepted two of his awards (during one, the “Take You” singer was met with boos from the audience), Swift, 23, was quick to answer.

“Ohhh, you do not want to know!” she said, shaking her head and looking down at the floor. “You do not want to open that can of worms. Especially tonight.”

When the reporter then suggested that Swift should write a song about it, she laughed before adding, “No, it’s not [me] … I’m fine!”

I’m of two minds about this. First of all, people in glass houses should not throw stones, so she should sit the f-ck down on that note (shout out to my girl molls who has some pretty strong opinions on this). After all, TaySwift’s romantic choices leave… a bit to be desired and she’s got enough shit of her own for who she’s dated.
On the other hand, she was asked about it and she kinda replied in the nicest way possible. She could’ve turned around and said, “Oh, I was just telling Selena that Justin can go f-ck himself with a 20 foot pole and that I hope he rots in a well”, but she didn’t. Homegirl’s under no contract to hide her disdain. I know I wouldn’t – and plus, he’s a MASSIVE toolbox.

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