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Harry Styles Has a New Nickname (Hint: It’s Not About His Penis)

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In between sexting with Ke$ha and singing some awful (but awfully catchy) songs for screaming throngs of pre-teens, there’s one thing Harry Styles likes to do, and it’s cleaning. He’s so into cleaning, in fact, that he’s starting to drive some of his One Direction bandmates a little insane.

From The Daily Star:

Hazza, 19, is so obsessed with keeping their 30-foot tour bus clean he makes his pals wear slippers so they don’t dirty the floor.

A crew member told us: “Harry loves everything to be neat and tidy. He’s fixated with keeping the tour bus clean.

“He watches to make sure no-one drops food anywhere and asked people to leave their shoes at the door and wear slippers.

“He went to a supermarket and bought a ton of cleaning products as he didn’t think the bus was clean enough.

“Everyone has their own quirky habits, but we all call him Mrs Mop.”

I don’t see how wanting to be clean is a “quirk”. I mean, I used to be messy as hell until I grew up and realised how disgusting and lazy it is not to clean up after yourself and keep your living space tidy. Now I live with a roommate who will cook three meals a day and pile the dishes up for at least two days before she thinks about washing them. NOT COOL, people. Not cool.

You go, Mrs Mop.

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  • Nothing wrong with wanting to be clean.

    I used to have a roommate who was similar to yours. She would cook and leave everything dirty and piled up until it would mold over. So. Gross. Plus she had a dog (very sweet dog, but still) and she would never take it outside to do it’s business, she just let it go wherever it wanted. I did not stay in that situation for very long at all.