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Justin Timberlake Punches Pillows to Relieve Stress

justin timberlake

Justin Timberlake has a lot on his mind at all times, and because of it, he’s known to get stressed out. But hey, don’t you go getting all upset for him now, because it’s not as bad as it seems. He’s figured out a way to deal with life’s pressures, and it includes boring sports and pillow punching.

From Star magazine (via 4Music):

The actor-and-singer has revealed how he maintains a sense of calm and serenity in his life. Justin admits he is prone to the odd outburst though.

“I use everything as therapy. I play golf, write songs, punch pillows,” he smiled in an interview with British magazine Star. “We’ve all done it. You get so mad that you punch a wall and then you break your hand or something. It’s like the dumbest thing we do as humans.”

Actually, Justin, I’ve never done that. When I get really stressed and/or angry, I have a nice, long profanity-laced rant. Or a nice long nap. Anyway, FACES are for punching, not walls? (I kid, I kid.)

Come on, prove Justin right – how many of you have punched walls before?

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  • Once in college when I couldn’t register for the one class I had left that I needed to graduate, I punched the stucco wall in my apartment. It requires an enormous amount of frustration and afterwards your only thought is “ow, that was really stupid”.

  • The only person I’ve known to punch a wall I broke up with promptly afterwards. Go to a gym or something – punching a wall is a red flag for potential issues.