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George Michael Got In A Car Accident, But He’s Okay Now

george michael

George Michael recently completed another stint in rehab, but he’s made news again after he got into a “mystery” car crash on a motorway on Thursday and was taken to a local hospital. I should clarify that he was airlifted to hospital, where he was treated for “superficial cuts and bruises”. Great use of NHS resources, guys! Thumbs up all around. To be fair, they were worried he might have more serious unseen injuries, but luckily, he’s alright.

From Metro:

There had been fears that the singer, 49, suffered more serious injuries after being airlifted from the scene at junction 6A, near St Albans, Hertfordshire.

However, reports suggest the former Wham! star has now been released from hospital – and his long-term boyfriend Fadi Fawaz reiterated that George is ‘perfectly fine’.

‘Of course I was worried, but I spoke to him and he is good,’ said the 39-year-old.

‘He suffered a few bruises but there is nothing to worry about.’

The cause of the crash, that involved only the Range Rover in which the pop star was a passenger, remains a mystery pending a full investigation by the police.

And Fawaz added: ‘I have no idea what happened.’

A spokesman for the police force said: ‘The exact circumstances of what happened are unclear at this time and until further investigations have been carried out, it would be inappropriate for us to comment.’

Earlier, an East of England Ambulance spokesman said: ‘A man was immobilised on a spinal board as a precautionary measure, then flown to a trauma centre for further tests after receiving a head injury.

‘The injuries are non-life threatening.’

A spokeswoman for the Freedom singer had said: ‘George Michael was a passenger in a vehicle involved in a traffic accident, no third party was involved.

‘He is being treated for superficial cuts and bruises but is fine. We have no further comment at this time.’

I’m not sure why know one knows what happened since George Michael is alive and well to tell the tale of exactly went down. Did the police not think to take a statement on this at all? It seems a bit shady. I know he wasn’t the one driving or anything, but here’s hoping George isn’t going to need another trip to rehab.

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