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Britney Spears’ Sons Might Be Famous One Day!

britney spears kids

Britney Spears has managed – against all odds – to really pull her life together over the past couple of years and really re-endear herself to the public. Helping this is the fact that she has two adorable sons with her ex-husband Kevin Federline, 7-year-old Sean Preston and 6-year-old Jayden James. Aren’t they cute?

Sitting down with Mario Lopez for a new interview, Britney opened up about family life with the kids – how hard it is to diet when the kids are chomping on Cheetos and Little Debbies and her feelings on putting them in to showbiz, if that’s what they end up wanting to do. Here’s a few choice quotes:

“When they come over, the snacks are constantly piling up and I constantly have to feed them. I’m like, ‘Jesus! I want fried chicken too!'”

Don’t we all want fried chicken? I could eat some right now, to be honest.

“They do like attention, so I think they would probably be a little good in the limelight.
“We’re taking baby steps at this point as far as agencies and stuff like that goes, but they’re little comedians, so we’ll see.”

Oh, dear. BritBrit, you’re in the danger zone. I know the world needs child stars, but having been through the experience herself and seeing how much it’s nearly destroyed her, why in the hell would she want to put her own kids through the same thing? Surely a paycheck’s not worth that much.

Watch the full interview below:

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  • idk though, it seems like now that she p much has a handle on herself and her life, she might be one of the best parents out there for a child star. she’d understand exactly how involved they could safely get and she’d be aware of all the pitfalls that come with being young and vulnerable and famous.

    not that it’s necessarily a good idea for britney’s kids to be child stars or anything like that, just that i think she’d be more prepared than most to be a good parent to them throughout it.

  • I think the biggest indicator of her current state is that her handlers have her doing face-to-face interviews again.