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Paris Hilton Really Likes Making Out, Tee Hee

paris hilton

Hey guys, remember Paris Hilton? While she generally likes assaulting the public’s senses on a daily basis, she’s been keeping a low profile and staying loved up with Spanish model boyfriend River Viiperi, who she apparently proposed to a couple of months ago. Anyway, while many might remember her for her boring but explicit sex tape from years ago, she’s since changed her approach to dating, I guess, and really just likes kissing 21-year-old River.

From Life & Style:

“We just love to sit in the corner and make out and dance,” Paris told Life & Style at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, where she hosted The Pool After Dark’s six-year anniversary party on Saturday. “When I’m in the club with him, it’s like no one else in the room exists — it’s just us two with each other! It’s romantic.”

Paris wasn’t kidding. Just moments after speaking with us, the couple embraced in a steamy kiss on the dance floor. The duo were later spotted cuddling in a cabana at the club, while River snapped photos of Paris as she seductively posed for her man.

So what’s the secret to keeping the passion alive despite an 11 year age difference? “We have fun wherever we go,” Paris said. “We go out together. We love the same music.”

Well that’s… great for them? How is this even a story that’s reported on? Why am I reporting it, even? Whatever, it’s a really slow Friday, if you couldn’t tell.

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    • oh excuse me – COCAINE. she always has the grade A stuff according to Hollywood. no one throws her under the bus because they all want some…