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No Shit, Sherlock of the Day: Victoria Beckham Thinks Being A Working Mother is “Hard”

victoria beckham

Listen, it’s not easy spending 8 hours a day trying to freeze your facial muscles in place so that you never break a smile, so it’s no wonder Victoria Beckham is finding it “hard” to balance her work and motherhood. While she and husband David Beckham want their four children to grow up “normal” (as normal as the kid of millionaires can be), that means an extra juggling act between their professional endeavours and their parenting responsibilities.

From Metro:

‘Being a working mum you feel guilty every time you go out of the door when you have to work,’ Posh said about every time she has to wave goodbye to kids Brooklyn, 14, Romeo, 10, Cruz, 8, and 21-month-old daughter Harper.

‘I try not to travel too much unless it’s during the school holidays as I don’t like to leave the kids. The children are my priority and always have been, and always will be’ the designer said at the Vogue Festival in London on Sunday.

‘It’s the same for any working mum out there. You just do your best, but constantly feel guilty. I enjoy being a mum. I love having kids more than anything and I would do anything for them.’

Well, how do I put this gently? DUH. Being torn between your children and your career is no new struggle, but imagine the women who do it a) without a second parent and b) without all the endless streams of money you’ve got, along with the staff of helpers and etc? How in the hell do you think they feel?

Sometimes I feel like celebrities say shit like this to try and sound “normal” and to make average joes who buy bullshit papers and magazines feel like they’re relatable and totally understand the struggle. Like hell you do, lady! Also, when’s someone going to come out and say that they DON’T feel bad about having a career as well as being a mother? Being fulfilled in one does not negate giving your all in the other.

Sorry, I was trying to be nice today.