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Either Justin Bieber’s Stalking Selena Gomez Or They’re Back Together

justin bieber selena gomez

Rumours have been flying around at the speed of light that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together after the pair were apparently spotted kissing in Norway and Justin posted a picture of them looking cosy on Instagram, which he quickly deleted. Of course, the little asshole has continued to stir the shit by then posting another picture of them together (seen above) with the following caption:

“You’ve been makin music for too long babe come cuddle- her.”

Now, I won’t even get into the awful sentence structure of the above, but I will point out that he’s missing some of his hideous tattoos so this photo’s definitely not all that recent. Still, if they’re not together, why is he posting it? And if they are, why don’t they take a new f-cking photo together? Who can say?

I know Selena Gomez isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but just how dull-witted do you have to be to reunite with an absolute dickhead like Justin Bieber? Seriously, I want to know the answer to that question.

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  • Well, the answer may be the fact that you don’t know him in real life, you have no idea how he really is behind closed doors and maybe.. just maybe he’s a decent human being (GASP! How the fuckin fuck could that be!?!!) who doesn’t torture animals and rape women, so maybe this chick has feelings for him that don’t just go away when you break up. And I’m not even a fan of these kids. I normally hate most celebs and the mainstream. I just know what it’s like to have people against my relationship that they know absolutely nothing about and how much we love eachother and that it works. HelI, I fckn hate pop music, R&B, dance music, whatever Taylor Swift is (pop country?), hip hop, rap, etc.. I’m into metal n rock music. So clearly I don’t have a biased opinion when I say it’s not all that crazy to assume that people may act different than how they are portrayed in the press. Everyone smokes pot, people push/punch other people when angry or had enough.. or not. But we all have bad days. Maybe this kid had enough of the constant gossip and fans up his asshole that he’s acting out? Idk, but if it makes them happy to be together, so be it.. who are we to judge that? Fuck it, even if he is a flaming asshole, I can kinda understand her decision. I had a couple of boyfriends who were less than nice to people who I stuck with for over four years each. Love is a crazy powerful thing. Oh well. You live and you learn. That’s the great thing about being young. You have time to make bad decisions and still figure life out.

  • But isn’t that in fact an old photo? After all he just got 2 new tattoos on that visible arm. The new tiger tattoo is not on his arm and if this were a live-time photo it would include that new tattoo…..

    • They are probably back together n just liked that particular photo. I doubt he’d post one of them if they weren’t. You’ve never liked the way a picture came out that was taken a few months before you posted it somewhere?

      And in my comment above, I meant that pushing or punching security guards (or whatever he did), being late for concerts, smoking pot etc.. Do not make him a bad person. It’s not like he’s doing terrible things and should be hated by his ex.. Even if he is acting like an entitled brat, and they are in fact back together, then I’m sure he has some redeeming qualities that she sees in him.

  • I don’t think it’s about whether or not “he’s a bad person”. LOL. People make fun of him because he acts like a spoiled 4 year old pitching a temper tantrum so often, the look on his face, his pants inches below his ass and stuff like that. Hey, he is famous and makes money…..just like Amanda Bynes (who probably “isn’t a bad person” either.) This is gossip. No one is judging anything beyond the superficial most of the time – because we only have the superficial to go on. Who actually knows any of these folks?

  • Although, I must say that I consider Selena to be dumber than I figured BECAUSE she’s dating him again.