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Sean Lowe AKA Bachelor Biceps Is Totally Not Celibate

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Sean Lowe AKA Bachelor Biceps is totally not “The virgin Bachelor” considering he’s been secretly banging his boring fiance Catherine whatever since The Bachelor wrapped. Wow no way really this is big news I never would have guessed. Life & Style has this breaking, exclusive story. It’s such a big story that it’s their cover. Bachelor Biceps looking all smarmy and satisfied under the headline “VIRGIN NO MORE!”

Two sources confirm in the new issue of Life & Style that Sean did in fact sleep with his fiancée, Catherine Giudici— while the show was still airing. “Yes, they definitely had sex,” a Bachelor insider reveals exclusively to Life & Style. “The first time was the night he proposed in Thailand.”

After their encounter at the $1,100-a-night suite at the Anantara Golden Triangle Resort & Spa, the source goes on to confirm the engaged couple continued sleeping together whenever they met up on passionate “secret dates” in LA, when they were forced to keep their romance secret before the show’s finale aired.

“Catherine has always respected Sean wanting to show his Christian side, but she honestly would never marry him without making sure they had sexual chemistry,” the show insider dishes, adding, “It’s all for the show and his parents.”

Dude if you’re 29 and you feel you have to lie about your celibacy to please your parents then– wtf am I even talking about, this guy went on a TV show to find a wife and actually proposed to one of the contestants, there’s no logic in any of this anywhere why am I even trying.

TRUTH TIME: I am really, really enjoying him on Dancing with the Stars. Dude is gold.

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  • LOL – “Christian side” like it is some sort of personality trait or hobby or secret interest.