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Bullshit Alert: Gwyneth Paltrow is “embarrassed” to be ‘People’ Magazine’s Most Beautiful Person

gwyneth paltrow

The staff at People must’ve taken a particularly gnarly peyote trip before sending their “Most Beautiful People” issue to newsstands, as Gwyneth Paltrow came out on top, over like, everyone else on the planet. Let that sink in for a moment and try not to regurgitate your lunch.

Anyway, you know ol’ Gwynnie  she’s so down-to-earth and humble that the honour totally came as a massive shock to her, and she’s actually pretty embarrassed that the world thinks she’s as great as she thinks she is! Oh me, oh my!

From E! News:

“Oh, lord,” the 40-year-old mom of two said at tonight’s Iron Man 3 premiere in Hollywood. “It’s very sweet and I’m so embarrassed, but I’m so happy.”

“It’s so weird,” Paltrow continued. “It’s crazy. It’s very sweet. I’m so flattered. I’m thrilled.”

When asked if hubby Chris Martin now has to tell her how beautiful she is all the time, Paltrow cracked, “It’s like the American version of a knighthood basically. My title just got longer.”

Okay, first of all, shut up. Second of all, Chris thinks you’re annoying, so no, he probably doesn’t tell you how beautiful you are (as if your head isn’t large enough already). Third of all, shut up. I’ve never seen such a gross display of false humility in my life. Be gone, before someone drops a house on you!

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  • If I were in her place I would just say “Thank you very much, it was well deserved. Instead of stuffing my face with greasy food I wasted my time, money and sanity trying to look this good in my forties and it paid off. Thank you world, I know I am fabulous but it makes me glad you now know it too”.

  • She’s not embarrassed. That’s fake humility. All she ever does is tell us all how perfect she is in every single thing she does from fashion to food to child-rearing, etc. what a total idiot. Now she feels validated and will probably never stfu. Dang it.

  • Those positions are paid for. It’s marketing. People magazine gives the slot to the highest bidder. Each page inside has a price too. Don’t kid yourself. The magazine is all about advertising and making money.

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