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Beyoncé Stars In A Commercial For Beyoncé

beyonce mrs. carter h&m collection commercial

Beyoncé stars in a new mini music video/commercial for Beyoncé H&M. H&M and Beyoncé teamed up to make this pretentious as hell video to promote their new “Beyoncé As Mrs. Carter In H&M” line.

I normally don’t have a problem with Beyoncé — I don’t even care about her most of the time — but this commercial made my eyes roll so hard I got a headache. She’s frolicking on the beach, mostly in slow motion, singing, eye f-cking the camera. It’s only 1 minute and 30 seconds but I couldn’t get through it. I think I’m just on Beyoncé overload. H&M describes the line as, “an epic fantasy, with glamour, drama and also a sense of humor.” Please, tell me where the sense of humor is, because I really don’t see it, at least not intentionally.

I think I’m just suffering from Beyoncé overload. Can she please just take a break on her private island for a while?


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  • that was tough to watch and hear. she’s got an undeniably great voice, but with all the warbling sometimes it’s hard to concentrate

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