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Another “Teen Mom” Screws Up Pretty Badly

jenelle teen mom mugshot 2013Jenelle Evans can join Farrah Abraham in being the most recent “stars” of Teen Mom to make asses of themselves (and without the help of their show.) Nope, they’re doing it all on their own. Farrah with her fake-ass “sex tape” and now Janelle Whatever by getting arrested for possession of heroin and attacking her husband. Nice!

Apparently she’s been arrested before. I wonder if she pulled Reese Witherspoon’s “Do you know my name” line, which didn’t even work for Reese Witherspoon. TMZ has the details.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ … cops discovered 12 bindles of heroin in Jenelle’s possession when they arrived to her home following an alleged domestic dispute with her husband, Courtland Rogers.

FYI — a bindle is commonly known as a small paper packet used for storing drugs.

According to the docs, Evans was also found to be illegally in possession of Percocet (a prescription painkiller) … as well as plastic wrapping paper and a glass smoking pipe, which is considered illegal drug paraphernalia.

As for the assault charge, cops say Evans struck Rogers with a piece of furniture during a domestic dispute.

Rogers was arrested too — cops say he assaulted Jenelle by “hitting her on the neck and striking her with a closed fist on her head.”

Cops say Rogers was also in possession of heroin with intent to manufacture, sell, distribute … and drug paraphernalia.  According to police, both Evans and Rogers denied possession of the heroin … which is why they were both charged.

At the time of her arrest, 21-year-old Evans was also served with a warrant for failing to pay child support. 

Evans has a history of legal problems — she tested positive for marijuana and opiates while on probation … and she was also involved in an epic girl-on-girl brawl in 2011.

What in the ever loving hell? There is so much wrong here. My favorite part is denying having heroin. I guess the heroin fairy just dropped in and left them a surprise treat.

Hollywood Life brings even more insane f-ckery with this leaked Facebook message conversation between Jenelle and some chick named Amy (allegedly):

Jenelle: Are u withdrawing? That might be why I feel like this honestly… I just got a script for hydrocodones and figured it would be ok to take well when I ran out I withdrew AGAIN like three days ago. And today is my 5th day I had acid reflux horribly and stomach cramps and everything… Still do

Amy: No it shouldn’t be withdraw cause Ive been on suboxone since the 11th. But I’m sorry girl and yeah that’s probably what your going thru after an addiction and dependency like opiates, loratabs can still f**k your world up.. You wouldn’t think so cause it’s not shot compared to opanas or heroin but it can

Amy: It shouldn’t take more than 7 days though so hopefully yours will be over soon. Try to buy a sub strip from someone and only take 1/4 a day see if that helps
I’ve got some I’d give ya but I’m all the way in WV

Jenelle: Yeah that’s what I was thinking to do but it’s like now who do I trust that won’t sell me out that I bought suboxone… Ugh lol ill find someone!! But yeah it sux I feel bad for Courtland [Rogers] becuz yesterday his script ran out too soooo tomorrow is going to be extremely sh!tty for him !!! Omg I feel so bad for him

GET. YOUR SHIT. TOGETHER. And let this be another lesson: do not put anything in writing — especially on Facebook — that you wouldn’t want anyone else to read.

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  • The cops probably would have let Courtland go if he had just claimed he found her with heroin and was trying to beat some sense into her.

    So, I guess she owes child support to… Her mom? “I see you wif Keiffah!!”

    I don’t know who is the dumber bitch, her or Amber.

  • Why is anyone the slightest bit surprised by this? SHE WAS ON TEEN MOM for crying out loud! The name of the show wasn’t called “Girls of Welsley College” or anything. They are young, stupid, generally come from fucked up families and don’t have their shit together, These girls are then thrust into the media spotlight, so why would we expect this to have a happy ending?

  • This girl isn’t worth the air she breaths ! I wish she would just over dose so that way that poor little boy never has to see a strung out mom ever again ! Thank god for the grandmother ! She should never be allowed near that kid ever again !!

      • She has had so many chances handed to her and in stead she choice drugs over her child and to mean that is the most selfish a person could ever be ! That poor kid is gonna have serious problem because of that selfish bitch and to me his precious life is far more important ! He didn’t ask to be born to a useless piece of shit !! He has no say , she does !! If she has such a disease maybe she shouldn’t have got knocked up !! You do know people die from diseases !! Wishful thinking :) most people that are sick get help so they can be their for their child !! Not her , because she’s selfish !! Sorry theirs no excuse when you have a child !! You do what ever it takes to get better if that means being locked in a closet for a year !! If her kid grows up to know what’s going on its gonna be a vicious cycle and his life will be ruined by the person that was suppose to protect him !! Sad, sad, sad, !!!!!!!!

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