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For Reasons Unknown, Seth MacFarlane Was Asked To Come Back And Host The Oscars

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Seth MacFarlane, despite the fact that most critics hated him, was invited to come back and host The Oscars. To be fair, critics never like the Oscar host. Except for maybe Billy Crystal. And Johnny Carson.

Actually, there is one pretty good reason why he would be asked to return. From Movieweb:

…ratings were up significantly from last year’s Academy Awards, with 40.3 million viewers tuning into the telecast.

Also the two head producers liked and defended his performance, so that could have something to do with it. Mr. MacFarlane has only the “next couple of weeks” to decide. Maybe he should ask his new rumored eff buddy Charlize Theron what she thinks. That photo of him grinning ear-to-ear with her covering her face continues to bring me joy.

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