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Well, At Least Adele’s Family Isn’t Full Of Gold Diggers


Adele has made an assload of money in the past few years, and good on her – she earned it! Still, the downside of being filthy rich is that as soon as you’ve got money, people crawl out of the woodwork like termites with their hands out, expecting something for free. Not so for Adele’s family, though, who – after she offered to buy them all nice apartments in London – said thanks but no thanks to a handout, preferring instead to provide for themselves.

From The Daily Star:

Our source revealed: “Adele wanted to spread her happiness and success through the family, but they politely declined the extremely generous offer.”

She offered to buy her seven first cousins smart flats in London close to where they all grew up. Adele’s mum has two sisters, who have three and four children each, all of whom spent every day of their childhood with Adele.

Our source added: “Adele loves her family, and is close to her aunties, uncles and cousins. They’re proud of her success, but work very hard and are self-sufficient.”

Adele’s auntie Anita Atkins, her mum’s older sister, told us: “We all lead our own lives, we’re self-sufficient and don’t need her to help out.

“We all still live within spitting distance of each other and phone each other most days.”

Well, good on them. I’m sure she still buys them all little shit and treats them to stuff here and there, which is great – and it wouldn’t even be an issue if some of them did accept her help – it’s just awesome that it’s not simply expected. Anyway, Adele needs her money if she’s going to expand that game room of hers, so all’s well that ends well.

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  • The best use of the money would be in engineering degrees for the kids. Not Environmental law and all that crap. THat offer I would always accept, as it pays dividends for life.

    Just sayin’.

    Anyhow she’s a good gal and her rel’s are too.

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