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Ugh, Kristin Chenoweth, Get Over Yourself

kristin chenoweth bikini

Kristin Chenoweth is a tiny little lady with a big voice and some big curves. By curves I mean boobs. I’m talking about her boobs. She pointed it out first, in People Magazine via E Online, when she said that shopping for a bikini is like,

“Hell on Earth. I’m a 32C on top. I have curves! I’m not a stick, so the wrong suit can make me look squatty. I have to watch that.

I am all for a positive and healthy body image, so K.C., stop putting yourself down! Stop subliminally apologizing for your body (read: I can “look squatty” and “I have to watch that.” No, you do not have to “watch that.”)

Now she’s saying she has a muffin top, but is trying to make it seem like she’s owning it, by turning into a cute jokey tweet. Check it:

kristin chenoweth

She is 4’11″ so I guess it’s reasonable that she could still only weigh 88 pounds…but holy shit. Anyway, the point is, no, you do not have a muffin top, and stop trying to relate by saying you do and making a hashtag joke. Doing this is a twisted way of building yourself up and putting yourself down at the same exact time. It’s saying, “I don’t weight a lot but I feel bad about saying that so let me throw in this dig at my own body.”

I do not know was thinking or where she was coming from when she tweeted this, because I am not Kristin Chenoweth. I’m saying that this can be misconstrued pretty easily and that as someone in the public eye and in the media with a lot of followers, this is not a smart tweet. (Celebs + twitter = not usually a good idea.) And I guess don’t expect a Coca-Cola endorsement any time soon.

And seriously, “hell on earth”? That’s the figure of speech you’re going with in regards to buying a bikini top?

She’s funny and sweet and I still like her, even though she shows up to award shows dressed like she’s going to a Jennifer Lopez costume party.

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  • so insecure. bummer for her, ’cause she is actually cute & sweet! the botox forehead has always scared me, but i can’t hate on her.

  • Definitely insecurity. Part of the gig, I guess. Also, I don’t think her chest is overly large – it looks more or less proportionate to the rest of her body (at least in the picture above).

  • She shouldn’t care what I think: I think she looks gross with the organey skin, scrunched up face………if she took a shower and a break from tanning she’d be passably cute…………but her voice, ugh. Speaking, or otherwise, her voice pains my ears. And she was totally annoying on the red carpet at Oscar time.

    • I am judgemental—-that’s part of my fascination with this gossip blog; I can steal glimpses into other celebrity lives and judge them. Sometimes I judge with envy, sometimes disdain and at other times I genuinely enjoy some of these celebrities.

      I still don’t think she looks very good—orangey and all, whether you agree with me or not. I didn’t get past the orange to dissect her body parts, and I don’t really care to.

  • She does have a bit of a wide torso, I don’t think she’s completely off base. I’m sure people would be shitting on her if she said she had an amazing body too. How about we let women say what they want about themselves and stop being so catty?

  • 88lbs and a muffin top? I’m going with skinny fat. Though she appears to have good muscle in her core. Maybe her muffin top is just where she puts on weight first. Anyhow not a high priority in terms of life problems.

  • Anneliese Michel died at 68 lbs from starvation, while I dont doubt this bitch is skinnyish, I doubt she’s 20 kilos away from death and would imagine she’s grossly exaggerating. Insecure idiot fishing for compliments is all I see.

  • 88 lbs 120 lbs she ain’t stabbing anyone in the back. Yeow! women are so jealous of the other ones. it used to be keeping up with the jones’ now it’s keeping up with the kardashians and who else wants a baby bump, with the way the economy is…must be a lie with allot of people going to the ball games ,concerts, and buying that BMW and me I am the timid type type and don’t show off…I bought a Rolls Royce…keeping up with the Jones’ you know.
    Thats allot of weight

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