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Just Some Amanda Bynes Updates On This Beautiful Thursday

amanda bynes dog twitter pic

Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes Amanda Bynes. You guys are probably starting to get sick of Amanda Bynes. But still, who can look away? I keep going from thinking that she’s mentally ill and needs help, to wondering if she’s all doing this for attention, to believing she’s just screwing with us and having fun.

Her latest tweets have me almost certain that she’s just screwing with us. She has to be. She posted photos of face photoshopped onto animal bodies.

I find these photos far less disturbing that her “sucking on sour patch kids” video. A GIF of that for you from ONTD:

amanda bynes sour patch kids video gif

After she posted her photoshopped delights, she then spent hours retweeting everything that fans tweeted at her, including more Amanda photoshops. That is a damn successful Twitter campaign if I ever saw one. I don’t know what it’s a campaign for…maybe to become a meme? Just, work with me here.

She’s also been tweeting at almost every blog and/or magazine that has made comments about her being mentally unstable. To Complex Magazine she tweeted,

Stop acting like I’m doing something wrong. I’m obsessed with myself on twitter.

And to Life & Style,

Please stop saying I have erratic behavior.

She also made it very clear to College Candy that thinks she looks “fat” in a photo that they posted and that she does not, in fact, pay people to be her friend, as they suggested. The woman photographed with her was, “My assistant Nadia.

Check out her other photoshopped artworks as well as the “fat” photo.

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