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Amanda Bynes’ Parents To Kim Kardashian: STFU

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Kim Kardashian may have thought she was complimenting Amanda Bynes, but Amanda Bynes’ parents don’t see it that way and basically want her to shut the f-ck up.

Ms. Kardashian, while on the Chelsea Lately show, commented,

Am I the only one who is obsessed with her new makeover? I think she looks amazing with the blonde hair and those nails.

Sister Khloe added,

I love to wear fishnets to the gym. I don’t think that’s abnormal.

Meanwhile according to a source for Radar via Huffington Post:

Bynes’ parents thought Kim’s remarks were made in “poor taste and are very upset about it,” as “it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to look at Amanda and surmise that she is having some sort of crisis.”

Unfortunately for all of us, Kim Kardashian is about as far away from a rocket scientist as one could get. She’s not even a rocket scientist’s intern. If they have interns.

But upon hearing of her parents’ concern, Ms. Bynes is now the one saying STFU, tweeting,

I don’t speak to my parents anymore, they don’t talk to reporters on my behalf. Don’t believe anything you read about me unless I tweet it. […] My friends don’t speak on my behalf either. Please don’t read anything about me needing help. That offends me. Follow me on twitter!


Oh and in case you were wondering, the shitty photo posted up top is Bynes approved. She tweeted it with,

@WonderwallMSN Thanks! This is a good pic to post of me when I’m walking. @eonline @BakerMachado @rebeccamacatee

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  • Are Amanda’s parents really criticizing the Kardashians for not being sincerely worried about their daughter? Motherfuckers, this bitch is a child who cannot handle her weed and is smoking herself retarded. She has no friends and has detached from her family, and the only human-interaction and attention she gets is from fucking Twitter. People have gone from confused, to worried, to just annoyed. SUE ME.

  • a deluded bottom feeder complimenting a trashy irrelevant …….
    mmmmm , certainly perked up my interest. :/