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Carey Mulligan Doesn’t Mind If You Don’t Like ‘The Great Gatsby’

Carey Mulligan is a precious little English rose, and don’t you forget it! Everyone agrees she was the natural choice for the role of Daisy in The Great Gatsby, but not everyone is so thrilled with the book being brought to the big screen and she knows it. Still, Carey is down-to-earth enough to know that while she had fun with the character, she shouldn’t take it to heart if it’s not everyone’s cup of tea.

From Vogue:

In An Education, audiences felt free to fall in love with Mulligan, whereas in Gatsby they must—a fact not lost on the actress, who visited the gym and went running every day during shooting. “I wanted to feel really, really, really, really good,” she says. Even so, there were times when she looked around the enormous production—five soundstages, several hundred extras all doing the Charleston, “and the script is talking about how she’s the king’s daughter, she’s this beautiful angel—and you’re like, Phew. You just wanna get through the scene.” She adds, “I’m fully prepared to be completely ripped apart. Well, I’m not prepared; that’s the thing. I don’t want to be torn apart. We’ve all just tried something; we had fun, and we tried to do something interesting and exciting, something that people could connect with.”

I don’t really have any feelings about The Great Gatsby – I thought the book was a total bore when I tried to read it a few years back, but I might feel differently about it now. The movie’s been having a bit of trouble coming out at all, so God knows when any of us will even have a chance to see it, but good for Carey for not really minding if it gets panned a bit (which it inevitably will). Looking forward to the pretty costumes, though!

Check out Carey’s lovely Vogue shoot below.

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  • Who the FUCK looked at her facial expression and thought “THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT COVER PHOTO DERP”. What a terrible, terrible photo.

    • She does have a great nose. I’m not crazy about how she has to dress for the movie, but she is beautiful.

  • You people are so hateful, my god. Get some fucking happiness in your life instead of shit talking about others on the internet, especially ones who don’t give a shit about what you have to say and don’t even acknowledge your existence.

  • I think she’s cute – and these photos are superairbrushed but still cute – but she has the most “doughy,” unexpressive face. The feeling etc might be there in her eyes but sorry, she’s not a great actress by any means, because her face is just so incapable of emoting. She has the same staid energy in all her movies.