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Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry Are Engaged

sara gilbert linda perry

To me, Sara Gilbert will always be Darlene from Roseanne and Linda Perry will always be the big lesbo who used to run around the studio smacking Christina Aguilera‘s ass back in the ‘Dirty’ era (anyone else remember this?), but nevertheless, the pair (not Christina, obvs) will become one in holy matrimony as they’re now engaged to be married.

They went public with their relationship in late 2011, and apparently the proposal included Linda playing The Cure’s ‘Love Song’ for Sara before asking for her hand in marriage. LOL, okay. Sara announced the news on The Talk, saying:

“I think that’s it and it’s like the most amazing proposal ever. We had our proposal with our breakup song, which is great.”

Kewl beanz, Sara. I don’t really have much to say to this one other than good for them – here’s hoping it’s a long-lasting and happy relationship. (I’m feeling somewhat sincere today, so sue me!)

Watch Sara discuss Linda’s proposal on The Talk below:

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  • That’s the best proposal tale I’ve ever heard. She is well-spoken. The top photo of the couple is kind of weird, though. They both look kind of freaked out!

  • For being at an event where you would presumably be a little done-up, they look ROUGH. If it was a photo outside the grocery or coffee shop, then whatever, but come on, you’re on a red carpet here, ladies.

  • Looks like the woMAN,has a tear on her check.dosent that mean she was in prison and killed someone,also she looks old enough to be her mother