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Quotables: Christina Aguilera Really Doesn’t Care

“She definitely doesn’t care — and that is a fact. You know how some people say ‘I don’t care’ and they really do? I can tell you that Christina really doesn’t care…. Like, she told me ‘I know this Bionic record is not going to be a big record because I’m gonna try and do some different things and I don’t know what’s gonna happen but this is what I wanna do…’ She knew that before she recorded one thing.”

Linda Perry, record producer and personal friend of Christina Aguilera, in a recent interview with

Well, we already pretty much knew that Christina, much like the wild honey badger, doesn’t give a shit, but it’s interesting to hear that she predicted that Bionic was going to be a flop. Especially since, upon it’s release, many Lady Gaga fans couldn’t help but note how undifferent (that’s a word now) it was.

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  • How has no one commented on the fact that Mz.Trainwreck looks like a dead ringer for blonde-Snookie?