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Mischa Barton Is Looking A Liiiiiiitle Rough

mischa barton hot mess

Mischa Barton is glad that we don’t care about her anymore, which is good I guess if that’s what makes her happy and somewhat freeing considering she looked like a bit of a jolly ole mess leaving Sayers club in LA a few nights ago. But if I owed $90k, I might be a little messy, too.

I don’t know who that hanger-on (literally) friend of hers is but goddamn is she annoying.

Ms. Barton looked okay earlier in the evening (outfit aside). Before she went clubbing she was a guest at the Fire & Ice Gala By Candy Ice Jewelry, whatever the hell that is.

Check it out. Thanks to for the photos.

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  • So it’s ok to break down a woman’s physical appearance in an insulting way, but if you say something about gay people you’re crucified?