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Mischa Barton Owes Over $90k

mischa barton

The perpetually dazed Mischa Barton is kind of screwed, as she owes over $90,000 she may not have, to ” a team of sober coaches.” Wait, what? TMZ explains,

Mischa was ordered to pay Doctors’ Choice Nursing $95,000 back in 2011 for unspecified services rendered in 2009. Mischa failed to show up to court after the suit was filed, which is why a default judgment was entered against her.

The nature of the services has been a mystery for years … until this week in court, when the owner of DCN explained that the nurses were hired to keep Mischa sober. The owner did not specify which substance Mischa was allegedly abusing.

Mischa’s lawyer was in court Thursday fighting the default judgment — and grilled the owner of DCN about why she hadn’t notified Mischa of the mounting bill if the actress was the one responsible for paying it.

The owner replied that she didn’t want the stress of the mounting bill to exacerbate Mischa’s sobriety problems. The owner said it was the nurses’ job to keep Mischa sober before an important acting gig in fall 2009 … the same year she starred in the CW show, “The Beautiful Life.”

Mischa’s lawyer contends it was the actress’ mother who hired the nurses and therefore ran up the bills — so Mischa shouldn’t have to pay. The judge has yet to rule.

Wow, and I thought my credit card bill was insurmountable. I’ve hung around her a few times and she’s a sweet girl. Seriously dazed most of the time, but sweet. I have no idea which substance she was abusing. I can make a guess just like anyone else.

Damn, no wonder we haven’t heard from her lately (aside from popping up on that stupid list). I checked out her IMDB profile out of curiosity to get an idea of what kind of work she’s getting. She’s done some small projects that didn’t get widely released, and a music video, but she has something coming out called Bhopal: A Prayer for Rain with Martin Sheen, so there’s that?

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