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There Is A God After All: Lindsay Lohan’s Not Really Pregnant

lindsay lohan

I think we all figured Lindsay Lohan‘s “I’m pregnant!” tweet was a poorly timed joke, and she’s since confirmed the news, admitting that there’s no fetus in her womb awaiting alcohol poisoning and meth addiction on its mother’s behalf. That’s right: Lindsay Lohan isn’t pregnant. Can you hear that? That’s the sound of angels rejoicing.

lindsay lohan pregnancy tweet

Lindsay cleared things up yesterday afternoon, though she’s since deleted all evidence of her April Fools’ Day “prank” (which she posted on April 2, but whatever). I guess she doesn’t realise there’s something called screencapping. After removing all her pregnancy tweets, she then retweeted the following:

According to Google Translate, that means “Tutelage specific tutelage of Alhelq understand Daabatj amusing”, which makes absolutely zero sense. But I guess Lindsay Lohan knows something we don’t and speaks Arabic now, so whatever. Can anyone provide a more accurate translation? Another Twitter user told her it’s something like “I hope your heart explodes” – if that’s the case, Google is WAY off. I think it’s time to send this idiot to rehab already.

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