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Dido Totally Didn’t Name Her Son After Her Hit Song


Dido‘s got some pretty shitty songs, but a few of them got popular back in the day, so let’s give the woman her due. One of her most famous tracks was called ‘Stan’, a track with Eminem in which an obsessed fan ends up putting his pregnant girlfriend in the trunk of his car because he’s obsessed with Eminem or some shit (my memory is hazy and it’s not worth looking up). In any case, when Dido gave birth to her son Stanley in 2011, it started a slew of jokes of how she must’ve named the kid after one of her hit songs. Not so, she says!

From The Associated Press via People):

“Stanley was actually our favorite name, coincidentally both of our favorite names. He could never have been called anything else to be honest,” Dido shares. “I’m so stupid, I didn’t think anyone would make the connection.”

Proud of her choice, Dido jokes the name game in her family is always a fun affair. “It’s fine,” she says of her final decision. “I was named after a crazy queen who threw herself on a fire.”

Whaaat, there was a Queen Dido and she set herself on fire? Now that is worth Googling (or at least Wikipedia-ing). Huh, so there was. Fair enough.

In any case, I don’t particularly like the name Stanley, and tells me it means “of the stony field”, which doesn’t make me like it any more, but whatever, to each his own.

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    • Yeah, and it was a hit for her because she was featured on it (as in, it used her song and she was in the video). When people think of that song, they think of Dido in addition to Eminem.

      • No one really thinks of Dido when they think of that song. They almost always think of just Eminem. The only people who associate Dido with that are all those fat girly girls that thought Eminem was too scary.

        Also, seriously? Not knowing Queen Dido is just a little shameful.. Look up Carthage. You might learn a lot about history.

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