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Is Kate Bosworth Okay?

kate bosworth skinny

Kate Bosworth is well-known for being thin, but these photos of her that just emerged are alarming. She’s about to be married to film director Michael Polish, so maybe she’s really stressed out with wedding planning? I mean…I know she was always skinny but this is…this is…here’s what she looked like in her A-list Blue Crush days:

blue crush bikini bosworth

I get that in Blue Crush she played a surfer, so she’s naturally going to put on muscle for the film, but that muscle had to build on something. She wasn’t as thin in the top photo as she was when she started.

And why do celebrities get their own groceries? They know that’s how lots of paparazzi get easy money, right? You never see George Clooney or Beyonce get their own groceries. Their assistants do that. ESPECIALLY at Bristol Farms (I can tell by the bags.) If you’re a celebrity you don’t do your own shopping at Bristol Farms or Whole Foods unless you want to be photographed. They’re like The Ivy of supermarkets. I guess I just answered my own question then. Okay, anyway, moving on.

I hope she’s okay.

kate bosworth skinny

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