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Paris Jackson Loves Kurt Cobain And This Is Apparently A Problem

paris jackson

Paris Jackson, daughter of the late superstar Michael Jackson, is a fan of Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain and apparently this worries her grandmother Katherine. I love it when The National Enquirer brings the lolz. They can be so accurate at times and then other times take something that somebody tweeted and build an entire story around it. For example:

Paris has recently been tweeting incessantly about Cobain and Hendrix — who both died at age 27. Hendrix overdosed and drug-ravaged Cobain killed himself with a shotgun.

Both musicians paid homage to drug use in their songs, and in one tweet Paris wrote: “I pledge allegiance to…the rock legends of the world & to the rebellion, of which we stand, one nation…indivisible, with revenge & justice for all.”

Paris has been heard shouting in her school, “Kurt F-cking Cobain,” and “Jimi Hendrix rules,” a family friend said, and her locker is plastered with tributes to the pair.

“While Katherine knows Paris is a good girl, she fears the teen is growing up way too fast and doesn’t like her obsessing over those musicians,” the family friend said.

Yes, I can see how tweeting about Hendrix & Cobain is a stone’s throw away from HARD CORE DRUGZ!!!1 Look at this horrifying tweet of hers! She’s practically on cocaine!:


paris jackson twitter tweet


Seriously, given everything that these kids have been through, I think they’re doing fine. Her older bro is even a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight, and say what you will about him going into entertainment, but it’s his choice. He’s very mature and well-spoken and is doing a good job and following his dreams. No one is doing any drugs or Lohaning the f-ck out.

Now we just have to hope that La Toya’s stupid reality show doesn’t happen.

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  • nobody cares when ugly little kids are slutting it up and love rhianna and all that stupid shit, but when a girl is into grunge and rock OMG! DRUGGIE! AAAAAH!! everyone is such a stupid ignorant fuck

  • If MJ wasn’t her Father – I bet she’d be judged and condemned for liking Michael Jackson music!!!
    ((Oh, the irony!))

  • Blanket scares me. His “I KEEL YOU” stare is just ominous.
    If there is a serial killer in the family, there it is right there!

  • I spill my cereal almost every time I try to eat it away from the table, and I’ve never done any drugs. The last photos of Blanket show him smiling all the time (in Gary). Let’s face it, he lost his father. That would make any kid unhappy.

    I don’t think that her love of those two “musicians” would automatically put her in a drug user category. Her face has thinned out a bit since the Mr. Pink launch, though, and I would be more concerned with possible anorexia nervosa. She looks WAY different than last fall.

    She really seems like a well-grounded young lady, who I believe needs a mother. I wish Debbie Rowe would fight for her kids. It doesn’t seem right that money would stand in the way of a blood relation parent from having their kids in the eyes of the court. Katherine Jackson has done a wonderful job raising her, as well as her cousin T.J. I think she needs more supervision, though.

    Kids should not be used as a bargaining chip for money.

  • You’re sarcastic response about how admiring those musicians is a stone’s throw away from heroin is the type of a reaction that a young teenager would have. Someone who hasn’t been around very long and doesn’t understand how young children work.

    Do you know how children learn? Where they acquire their behaviours? By imitation, of the people they admire. Just liking their music is fine, but if she really starts to read about his life and his writings and admire him intensely, it could plant a seed in her mind, a curiosity about drugs.