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Emma Watson Posed Nude And It’s Underwhelming

emma watson nude

Emma Watson has come a long way from Hermione Granger. She’s taking on more “adult” roles and recently, she even stripped down for James Houston’s new Natural Beauty book, which is meant to bring attention to the environment – because nothing says “stop greenhouse gasses” like “look at my tits!” The book costs $50, proceeds will go towards supporting environmental initiatives benefitting Global Green USA.

Here’s what Houston has to say about his “art”:

“This project merges my longtime interest in the human form and my passion for the natural world.

Natural Beauty was created to celebrate the beauty of nature, emphasizing what we still have versus what we have lost. I hope to raise environmental awareness among the younger audience through this project.”

All that’s nice and everything, but I just can’t see the correlation between nudity and the environment? Maybe because we’re all born naked and it’s close to mother earth and all that shit, but whatever. They’re not even the most flattering photos, but hey, who cares? Check out all of Emma’s nude shots below.

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