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What The Hell? NFL Cheerleader Sexually Assaults 12 Year-Old Boy

NFL cheerleader mugshot rape

Elizabeth Garner, 42, former NFL cheerleader for the Tennessee Titans, was charged with aggravated sexual battery and solicitation of a minor for rape of a child. Allegedly she grabbed a 12 year-old’s penis and tried to blow him.

What. The. Hell.

Her explanation is that she was really drunk and mistakenly thought he was an adult.


TMZ has more to this baffling story,

According to law enforcement, Garner — who is married — is accused of following the 12-year-old to the bathroom during a party last month hosted by the boy’s mother, grabbing his penis over his shorts … and attempting to remove them in order to perform oral sex on him.

The boy escaped, told his mother what happened … and the mother then informed authorities. According to police, the boy said Garner asked if he’d ever been with a woman.

Garner — who was booked on $30,000 bond — faces more than 8 years in prison if convicted.

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  • 8 years?! That’s it?! That skanky chicken-hawk should get exactly what the men get; something like 20-30 years, at least!

  • When I was twelve, believe you and me, I woulda diddled her and there would have been NO TRAUMA AT ALL. Every red-blooded American male (I realize I’m probably the only one on this website) feels the same. Still, the years have not been kind to her.

    • No you are not man. I would of been VERY happy to have had her when I was 12. When it’s a woman teacher, you know damn well the boy is NEVER “traumatized”

  • She looks ROUGH. Even IF (and that’s a BIG if) she was WASTED (really wasted), I wonder how her HUSBAND feels about this mess.

  • Yea, she DID NOT confuse him with an adult if she asked if he had ever been with a women before, as most adult have, lol.

  • Also, even the most fresh faced young women look rocked after a night of drinking with their make up under their eyes, bed head, and half their eyebrows wiped off, haha. She prob looks fine once she wakes up, washes up and puts a little bit of make up on

  • I don’t know why people aren’t more upset by this. If a man had tried to perform oral sex on a twelve-year-old girl, I’m pretty sure everyone would be outraged. Just because he’s a male doesn’t mean he would automatically “enjoy” what this woman tried to do. If she had succeeded, it would have been rape.

    • when a male teacher does it, yeah he is a piece of shit. He had all the power. Its 100% different when it’s a woman teacher. There is NO WAY a 12 year old would not enjoy it, unless he bats for the other team

  • Believe you me, if that woman tried this with me when I was 12 it would be her that was sexually assaulted…And she’d love it. THIS particular 12 year old must have his male priorities all mixed up

  • Holy fuck I can’t even believe these comments. No 12 year old — girl or boy — wants or asks to be sexually assaulted.

    • Ok, I lost my virginity at age 12. I must say, if some twisted woman wanted to give me a knobber, I’d have let her. One thing though, that chick is a goblin, YEESH!!!

    • I think a lot of these guys are mistaking what happened here. The boy was not given a choice. Choice is the difference between rape and consent. This boy was not given a choice. He had some strange person grab him and touch him WITHOUT his consent. It was scary, inappropriate and not welcomed. It was rape, not some hot babysitter coming onto him fantasy come true. Think with your head, not your head guys.

      • This is some sick plucking sheet. I can’t imagine how much harder it is for a young boy to recover from an experience like this given the comments from all the “red-blooded males” on this site. Stupid. Rape is rape, whether you are male or female. No means no. That should cross the gender lines. Period.

      • Yeah, I think the clue that he wasn’t all gung ho about it is the fact that he “ESCAPED, TOLD HIS MOTHER WHAT HAPPENED”. Some of these comments are seriously grossing me out.

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