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Shop Owner Claims Mary-Louise Parker Wanted To Kill Him

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Mary-Louise Parker is being accused by an antique shop owner of threatening him. The altercation occurred when Daniel Seldin, NY shopkeeper, wouldn’t pay the check he owed to Parker’s friend who sells handbags in the store. Seldin alleges that Parker got very angry and called him a “fag” and added, “DO YOU WANT TO WAKE UP TOMORROW? I’LL MAKE ONE PHONE CALL.” Who’s she going to call, Uncle Andy?

According to TMZ,

[Parker’s] rep insists Parker had nothing to do with the fight […] In fact, the rep says as soon as it became clear to Parker that she was being roped into the situation … Parker left.

As for the “f*g” accusation — Parker’s rep says anyone who knows the actress knows she would never say that word.

We spoke to Seldin who insists his story is legit, adding, “I felt totally berated and violated.” Seldin says he has since paid Parker’s friend her money … despite the incident.

This is so bizarre. Is this a case of someone wanting to capitalize on a celebrity’s fame and try to make money or is it possible that Parker lost her temper? I’ve never heard of her lashing out like this ever. Have you guys?

While in the store, Seldin took a photo of Parker, saying it was taken during “her homophobic outburst.”

So bizarre.

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