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Justin Bieber Offered Free Ticket to Space (Here’s Hoping It’s One Way)

Justin Bieber, the Canadian version of my worst nightmare, is constantly doing things to annoy me and all other humans over the age of 12 (like wearing the gas mask above to go out shopping in London over the weekend. Like, what?), but there’s good news! NASA wants to send him to space… probably so far out that he never comes back. It all started on Twitter when Justin said he wants to perform in space. That’s idiotic, but NASA felt the need to respond to his request by offering their assistance in getting him off planet earth.

I mean, LOL, I guess? I don’t care where Justin goes, so long as it’s not in my face, on my TV, on the radio, on the internet or anywhere else. And some other people seem to be catching on to the feeling – he was turned away from a Manchester night club on Saturday, as well, for being an awful dancer. Seriously:

I’m feeling you, Sankeys. I’ll come through next time I’m in Manchester.

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