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Kelly Osbourne Joins The Messed Up Ankle Club

Like a couple of her Hollywood peers – myself and Demi Lovato, that is – Kelly Osbourne has joined the jacked up ankle club after tripping over a drain in a public restroom or something. I dunno, but here’s what she said about it on Twitter:

I just got my cast off on Tuesday (I had a bimalleor fracture and surgery to insert a plate and 8 screws) and am slowly learning to walk again, which is by far the most painful part of the whole affair, so I feel Kelly’s… pain. Literally. Pipe down, it’s a Friday and I’m low on material.

In any case, it’s good to have a partner in times of need like this, as Kelly herself found out when she realised that lying in bed for weeks on end is pretty much all you can do when you can’t walk.

Word to the wise: you’re not supposed to put anything inside a cast to scratch your leg as the skin is sensitive and you could cause lesions. The itching will kill you, but not if gangreen does first, kids.

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  • Ouch. I’m a member of your sexy black boot club. 2 detached tendons for me – one along the putter edge of my foot & the other is the one that holds your ankle in place. Surgery soon to follow. Hope your recovery is fast & as pain free as possible.

  • I too am a member! 8 pins and screws! Exactly one year ago (passed out on an airplane and broke it – weeee) Helps to have money (as I’m sure kelly does) and a knee scooter was my life-saver. High heels are destroying us!

    • 8!!! That’s crazy!!! How long was your recovery? I’ve been told at least a year for mine. Which sounds like forever.

      • Mine was on the job. Chased a guy jerking off while watching kids in a pool. Wait that reads weird. He wasn’t jerking it while running. He was jerking it being a perv we arrived he ran thru a park. Park had gopher holes. I stepped into said hole. Bad guy was caught. No gophers harmed. Surgery in a month. Fun times

      • Damn… I wish you had a chance to nut-tap the afore- mentioned perv. Good story though. I’ve dislocated both ankles & broke my left in 3 places inside a ski boot. Fun times, but I’m sure paying for it now!

      • Not so much hurt as ache. 5 knee ops, 2 ankle, 1hand, 2wrist, 2shoulder, 1 bicep rupture, 1 achillies tear…. Lost count of broken bones/sprains. All from skiing, rugby, baseball, and ruptured the bicep at work! My wife says that we will never get in an accident because I’m pre-disastered.

      • Hardly Liz, just damn lucky! If I knew then what I know now…. I’m 49& grew up in an age when you would do anything to play, cortizone, coming back before being fully healed. Blah blah blah, it was idiocy. My sons get shitty with me sometimes, if they are injured, they know they are shut down until the dr says go. I think I’ve made an impression on them & now understand the importance of healing time. Take care of your ankle Liz, its gonna suck sometimes, but I promise it will get better, just be smart!

  • A full year of recovery — 3 months non-weight-bearing cast. It’s ‘fine’ now – though I’ve kept the pins/plates in my ankle. Still sore/scar is still there but I’m walking!

  • Liz says: I’m telling you – if you live alone — rent a knee scooter. Saved my sanity. Felt like an idiot – but it does enable you to get around! yes – there is hope and yes I am back to wearing high heels.

  • About a year ago I actually sprained my ankle while standing up. As in, I was outside talking with a couple of friends, I turned around to close the door and I somehow fell (I wasn’t wearing high heels, and I was standing or pretty standard floor, no steps or cracks or anything), since it was a pretty standard fall I just thought the pain would go away, I went back inside put on another pair of black tights and went out.

    Two hours later I finally told my boyfriend it was maybe a little bit too painful, I took off my shoe, one look at my foot and we immediately headed to the hospital.

    It’s been a year and it feels completely normal now.

    • Do u have full function of it? Like full range of motion & everything? I guess the year long recovery is standard for this body part. I would’ve never guessed it.

      • Yeah, it really doesn’t bother me at all right now, and I sometimes forget which one I sprained. I can pinch with my toes, and now the foot I hurt has maxed out pinching skills.

        I wore a cast for about a month and a walking boot for 3 weeks plus mild rehab exercises and yoga.

        I was also told it would have healed much sooner if I had gone straight to the hospital. I walked around for about 2 hours so I made it worse. The whole thing was a bit uncomfortable but in a few months it’s like it never happened… except your story is awesome and I’d never forget about it.

        Hope you recover soon enough :)