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Demi Lovato’s Roommate Cleans the Floor with Pledge Like An Idiot

I know what you’re thinking: Demi Lovato has a roommate? That X Factor money ain’t shit! Well, she does, and said roommate’s lights are on upstairs but apparently no one’s home, because she decided last week to clean the hardwood floors of the pair’s Los Angeles place with Pledge, leaving them extremely slippery and perfect for Demi to fall and break her leg on. Ouch. That sort of makes us twins, as I broke my ankle in early January and still have two weeks left of this idiotic cast before I can even think about getting that sweet removable moon boot that Demi’s rocking:

Demi’s cast

My cast and Milo

Demi had a word of warning to others who might have stupid roommates when she tweeted:

“Never, ever, ever, EVER let your roommate clean your hardwood floors with Pledge….”

Got you, girl. Incidentally, I have a 5-in-1 floor steamer that cleans the shit out of floors (and ovens/stovetops, steams clothes, dusts blinds, need I go on?) – I recommend you look into it.

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  • You didn’t tell how you broke your ankle. Did you fall off your heels? Not being an asshole here, I’ve seen it happen. Broke my ankle in 3 places, inside a ski boot. What really sucked they CUT the damn boot off, $700.00 down the drain!

    • The most common ankle injury amongst British women nowadays is one that was only common before for footballers, because very high heels are more widespread than before. So yeah, heels are super likely. I have sprained my ankle like that and I don’t even wear high ones.

  • Yeah, the “roommate cleaning the floors with Pledge” is probably code for “got high and thought I could fly”

  • Milo is super cute! Is he a Westie, or a mix…Terrier? He resembles our Westie, Melba, but Melba’s ears aren’t as tall and her face seems fuller than Milo’s. We also have a Wheaten, Delia. Dogs are the bestest.

  • ‘Cleaning the floor with pledge’ is the hep new lingo for ‘tweaking off your ass’…it’s what all the kids say.

  • Even though I am a well established “cat lady”, I feel that I HAVE to post that I like your dog. I’d change his name to Mr. Coco Butter Niblet, but to each their own…

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