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Oh, So Demi Levato Has Been in A Sober Living House For A Couple Years

A photo of Demi Lovato

Ok, so you remember that time that Demi Lovato went to rehab, right? It was in the fall of 2010, and it wasn’t good. You know, she had that eating disorder, and she was cutting herself, and there was also that whole thing about cocaine. She wasn’t doing so great.

But now, just over two years later, Demi is doing pretty well for herself. She’s back to her music, and she just got paid an astronomical amount of money to do X-Factor. Yep, things are looking pretty good for Demi Lovato these days. But also, she’s been living in a sober living facility pretty much since she left rehab. Surprise!

The house is in L.A., natch, where Demi also owns a pretty sweet home of her own. She chose to live there instead because she “felt she needed the support and guidance” from the people there. She doesn’t know when she’s leaving, but she’s getting good things from being there now, which is what’s important.

Really, I just love this story. I love that Demi’s taking care of herself this hard, and I also love that we’ve never heard about it until now. This makes me hope that all those rumors about a relapse are just rumors, and that she’s just been chilling in her sober house, doing what she needs to do to survive. Love it.

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  • This would be such a wonderful thing for people struggling with addiction and other problems to hear. It’s a constant, daily battle to stay clean. Good for her!

  • Wow. The dishonesty never ends with Demi Lovato. You think this information is something she would have mentioned a long time ago considering how much she’s talked about her struggles.

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