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Update: Rex Reed Defends Hateful Melissa McCarthy Comments

You might think that raging asshole Rex Reed would apologise for his hateful comments against Melissa McCarthy – you know, calling her a “female hippo”, “tractor-sized” etc. – once he finished his course at Rude Dude University and went back to life in the real world, right? That a human being couldn’t be that overtly awful, be continuously called out for it and not realise the error of his ways, yeah?

No, instead The Man Named After a Dinosaur stands by his bullshit, claiming that his comments were based more on health reasons than being a bastard – after all, Melissa McCarthy’s entire career is based on her abhorent fatness rather than the fact that she’s actually a hilarious comedy actress with a solid background in improv who has probably developed a defense mechanism against a society that has an attitude of disgust and vitriol towards overweight people. You know, laugh about it yourself so that it doesn’t bother you so much when other people are doing it.

Sigh, whatever. From an interview on WOR-AM (via DigitalSpy):

“I object to using health issues like obesity as comedy talking points. That’s what this girl does, this Melissa. I have too many friends that have died of obesity-related illnesses, heart problems and diabetes… I don’t find this to be the subject of a lot of humor.”

He added: “Don’t make me a villain, [McCarthy] is crying all the way to the bank.”

He also said that McCarthy has remained “completely classy” for staying silent on the incident.

First of all, what kind of backhanded compliment is it to applaud someone for sitting there and taking a massive dose of verbal abuse from anyone, let alone some bigoted journalist who himself looks like he’s about an “I’ll take the stairs” away from a heart attack himself? Melissa McCarthy is completely classy for plenty of reasons – and yes, ignoring your stupid ass rather than sinking to your level is one of those – but she certainly doesn’t need validation from the likes of you.

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  • Team Melissa. A small request, could we see more of McCarthy on this site? She’s fantastic, funny, smart, pretty and she was my favorite character on Gilmore Girls. Sometimes I forget that Sookie isn’t real and isn’t actually my friend.

  • I’m just going to continue to do as I have always done … Not read anything written by this hateful, stupid, ugly man.

  • “this girl, Melissa” nothing pisses me off more than when assholes refer to women as girls in a pejorative manner
    also, fat does not necessarily mean unhealthy just as thin does not necessarily mean healthy – is he her doctor? does he even know if she has heart problems or diabetes or anything related to her weight?
    this boy, Rex is such a piece of shit

  • I’m sorry- all I can focus on is the fact that you spelled both “APOLOGIZE” and “REALIZE” incorrectly!!!!!!!! You write a blog for fuck’s sake- use spellcheck!!!!!!!!!

    • that’s not “wrong” it’s British spelling – when we wanted to separate ourselves from the British we changed the spelling so one could, technically, say our spelling is wrong

      *~~~~~and now you know~~~~~~*

  • I think she’s hilarious and he’s an ass, but………’s interesting…drug addicts are scummy, or bad, or some other negative descriptor, but food addicts are oftentimes defended. One of my dearest friends was obese for most of her life—her food addiction, and body image issues, emotional issues, etc that threw her into that place nearly killed her, nearly destroyed her marriage and stole many years of her life……..not at all unlike drug addicts I know.

    • Yeah…except we have no idea if she has a food addiction, or body image issues. We know Lindsay Lohan has a drug addiction because she punches people and crashes her car. I don’t think it’s right to assume a bunch of problems that there’s no evidence for.

      People need to stop critiquing women’s bodies. Everyone acts like that’s okay, and that’s where body images and emotional issues come from.

  • Mrs. McCarthy does have beautiful skin and gorgeous hair and is very funny and entertaining. Plus her characters always are sweet and adorable. I love her! This guy Reed is abviously jealous. He just plain doesn’t have a clue or any class. Just because he has a big mouth and obviously a huge asshole from over use, he makes the headlines. NOTHING ELSE. (now that’s talent)